About Us

K.E. Strokez
Someone who sometimes writes things.
Books, poems, notes and attempted witty tweets.
If you thought an independent/self-published author does all their work alone, you'd be sorely mistaken.
Also: We earned the right to use the royal "we" when we learned how to spell it.
Why no photos?
Because what we look like is not as important as what we write.


A blog, but not quite.

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Wednesday 30th November, 2016

This week's "WTF" is brought to you by...Change. That thing we're told will always happen, with the net result that everything remains the way it was before. Change. Because we needed a new word for...

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It's Been Real

Monday 8th August, 2016

Canst thou believe tis been a year? Since the first skrawl was posted, the first time the domain name kestrokez.com was posted The first attempt to muddle through the launch of The Martians, the first ever book to be released by this...

Love's Hangover

Someone somewhere alerted us to the world of fashion. That someone also alerted us to small-business fashion, which is several levels of awesome. Love's Hangover is located in Noblesville, Indiana. But the lady doth ship things, if thour't interested. And this Shout Out is about to turn into an advert in disguise, but...

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