K.E. Strokez


I dream up worlds and try to help others live in them.

Kahiki Enjani Strokez

Nairobi, Kenya.

Currently: writing.

Hooverphonic - One Two Three

  • Biography

    Young Adult, Science Fiction and Fantasy author.

    Kahiki Enjani Strokez is a multi-lingual Nairobi-dweller enthralled by motion. Living close to a busy highway often makes them imagine the spacecraft-equivalent of each passing vehicle. Their work tends to bring the fantastic out of the mundane: to disprove the existence of normality. It has been theorized that this author has been genetically-engineered to feed off the sounds coming from their permanently-affixed earphones and several cups of coffee. They often write in public with the butcher's overweight cat perched on their lap.

    May the inter-species truce forever endure.

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    My opinions, and the topics I'm talking about as @KEStrokez.

    @KEStrokez: 2 weeks ago

    Another Short Story! …

    @SungaKonji: 15 hours ago

    Join me for a pasta cook along this morning. I'm bulking up the recipe for my needs so stick to the guides below. 2 cups bread or semolina flour (or a mix) if you can't "00". 3 eggs (or same volume water instead) Pinch of salt

    @toxic_cute: 23 hours ago

    Finished the stitching. Now gotta tuck the excess and put a back on. 💀

    @KEStrokez: 2 hours ago …

    @mandosie8: 1 day ago

    In the mist of unemployment I found a hobby.Please dm/rt.Help me curv the depression of unemployment.

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