K.E. Strokez


I dream up worlds and try to help others live in them.

Kahiki Enjani Strokez

Nairobi, Kenya.

Currently: writing.

Hooverphonic - One Two Three

  • Biography

    Young Adult, Science Fiction and Fantasy author.

    Kahiki Enjani Strokez is a multi-lingual Nairobi-dweller enthralled by motion. Living close to a busy highway often makes them imagine the spacecraft-equivalent of each passing vehicle. Their work tends to bring the fantastic out of the mundane: to disprove the existence of normality. It has been theorized that this author has been genetically-engineered to feed off the sounds coming from their permanently-affixed earphones and several cups of coffee. They often write in public with the butcher's overweight cat perched on their lap.

    May the inter-species truce forever endure.

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    My opinions, and the topics I'm talking about as @KEStrokez.

    @KEStrokez: 5 days ago

    Starting over. Fresh outline, same characters, better plot.

    @HannLindahl: 4 hours ago

    Proud to announce that I get to uplift voices full time by serving as 's new Director of Communications and Outreach. 😍✌️ Congrats also to who is now our full time Youth Program Manager! Look out, world.

    @AbigailArunga: 6 hours ago

    Ok, old men, listen up. Let's stop saying that millennials are lazy when it's your generation that screwed us over, a. B. PLEASE STOP USING WHITE PRIVILEGED MEN AS THE EXAMPLES OF HOW WE HAVE TO WORK HARD. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT POWER DYNAMICS. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COUNTRY.

    @seifkabelele: 7 hours ago

    Please reduce the price-Tafadhali punguza bei How do I pay? – Ninalipaje? I have a credit/debit card – Nina kadi Dear

    @AJSpedding: 17 hours ago

    Art of the day: Eshra by Aaron Nakahara

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