K.E. Strokez


I dream up worlds and try to help others live in them.

Kahiki Enjani Strokez

Nairobi, Kenya.

Currently: writing.

Listening to: Tetu Shani.

  • Biography

    Young Adult, Science Fiction and Fantasy author.

    Kahiki Enjani Strokez is a multi-lingual Nairobi-dweller enthralled by motion. Living close to a busy highway often makes them imagine the spacecraft-equivalent of each passing vehicle. Their work tends to bring the fantastic out of the mundane: to disprove the existence of normality. It has been theorized that this author has been genetically-engineered to feed off the sounds coming from their permanently-affixed earphones and several cups of coffee. They often write in public with the butcher’s overweight cat perched on their lap.

    May the inter-species truce forever endure.

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  • My Tweets

    My opinions, and the topics I'm talking about as @KEStrokez.

    @wgkantai: 2 days ago

    You gain absolutely nothing, not even a reputation for breaking news, when you share accident photographs. A victim’s family can be on your timeline or WhatsApp - it would be extremely cruel for them to find out the news that way.

    @wmnjoya: 16 hours ago

    Kenya has a crisis of imagination. People are regurgitating World Bank platitudes as truth, as they accept the dumbing down of their own children through a so-called .

    @KEStrokez: 1 day ago

    I believe in a Universal Basic Income, coupled with Universal Basic Services. But before we can get either of those, we have to figure out how to keep elected officials on their toes. And to do that, we have to cure our tiny attention spans and collective amnesia.

    @RookieKE: 2 days ago

    The team behind (can't find their handles). Their coming through for victims of police and gang violence in the elections period. …

    @libshipwreck: 2 days ago

    A city that can afford robots to police the homeless, is one that can also afford homes for the homeless. …

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