K.E. Strokez


Book cover for La Barilo. Shows the back of a human hand with a strange tattoo on it.

La Barilo

Above all else: survive.

A prisoner in a Reform Village undergoes a sudden change while digging a trench close to an electric fence.

Having been sent there years earlier to Earn their Citizenship through hard labor, the denizens of the prison camp have no access to news of the outside world. Efforts to terraform the planet are beginning to fail. And in that repressive State, in war time, life beyond the barriers might actually be worse.

A decision must be made: they cannot take action in daylight, but danger is directly proportional to darkness.

Anyone who stays still for too long will be fed upon by carnivorous rodents. And they are everywhere.

"La Barilo (formerly known as 'Project Fence')" will be a non-linear text-based game. This book introduces the story's universe.

Think of it as a guide that doesn't like spoilers, but is also a tease.

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