K.E. Strokez


Image depicting a brick wall and a stylized woman's face.


Trust no one. Especially if they live in your body.

A lonely woman with Multiple Personality Disorder kept a journal in her own made-up language. You found it. Flipped through the pages, realized they're all written in some strange, unintelligible script.

And then you dropped it.

It fell open to a set of pages you could read. So you turned back until the first legible page... and realized that she wanted you to find out why her life is a legend.

Eliza made up her own written language to keep other people from reading her diaries. But one day, on her way home from work, she spots graffiti in a subway tunnel written in her secret alphabet.

And decides to do what it says.

The person with the power to help her has demands of their own: which must be carried out if Eliza's is to continue. The promise of freedom for her other personalities is too enticing to give up.

But at what cost?

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