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Project Linked Update 3

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Ahoy! See that right there? It's the last sheet on this year's (monthly) calendar. Still about 31 days left in this crazy year, so tighten - or loosen - those belts, roll up your sleeves...and wonder why the "festive" season involves spending money and time on/with people who make you miserable. I've been busy, doncha-know.


"Project Linked" (working title. It has a "proper" name but I'm feeling shy about it) is/was this year's #NaNoWriMo offering. The point is to create the First Draft of a book each November. I didn't hit 50k, but was way above my target (35k). And I have the receipts: November's gone, but that doesn't mean the project has ceased.


Possible Release Date

I'm still aiming for a late December/January release. This is the book, people! The one I'm 75% sure will be my first paperback. The one I'll have to learn about shipping rates and delivery dates for. The one I'll have to activate all my street-smarts to get paid for. It WILL 100% be available as an eBook, though. Paperback versions might come later, in Know what's good about being a digital worker, though?

Sample Chapters!

Wouldst though like to take a gander at part of the story before most people on the planet do? I'm editing the first few chapters to have something "ready" for y'all to read on the 8th of December, 2017! I'd say "save the date" but you'll forget anyway, so I'll send a reminder out to everyfolk who's subscribed to my mailing list. I'll probably do a "name reveal" by then as well. Get rid of the working title and let the book live as its authentic self.

So go forth and get tested! It's AIDs day, and HIV/AIDs Awareness Month in several places on this angry planet. I'll (probably) be at the Hope Center (Kawangware) getting tested with some hilarious folks. Looking forward to it.

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