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Throwback: I coulda sworn...

Derivative artwork of an album cover showing the musical duo "Born Jamericans".

Picture this:

You're sketching out your first derivative manga characters in your bedroom based off Rorouni Kenshin (more accurately its English dub: Samurai X). The window's open and your neighbors are listening to - and watching - a musical TV show. The kind that's roughly half an hour long and airs on weekdays from around 3:30 to 4pm. Or used to in Kenya, anyway.

So you're scribbling away and in through the window comes this sound. At first you mistake it for birdsong and think "wow, now that's unique". And then you hear background music: with someone rapping.

It's not a bird. Just a really good whistle, which makes you enter your living/sitting room, switch on the TV and aha! There it is: the whistle, with a song whose title you never learn. But it's popular, and so you hear that awesome tune several more times before you're shipped off to boarding school.

You whistle that tune sometimes when you're preoccupied. Over a decade goes by, and you wonder whatever became of those musicians, because they also had a pretty memorable name.

So you go to the interwebs and search for the lyrics, followed by the name of the artists. Find a youtube video....and your eyes pop wide open.

You must be mistaken. You're mistaken, right?

You turn down the volume...and there it is. NOT the whistle you remember. But it's the song you knew. And you've made up that whistle. It's all in your head.

"Gotta Get Mine," by Born Jamericans. Watch it here

What I Thought

That it was a song about a man struggling to come to terms with his wrongful incarceration. His worried mother requires him to call her as often as possible, because his father died in prison and she's afraid of history repeating itself.

What It's About

Guy gets arrested because he was committing crimes and doesn't realize how messed up it is to be imprisoned. oh, and he gets arrested because he wants to impress people. His mother DOES feature in the story: possibly as the only reasonable element in the whole tale. To many people, crime is the only way out of the ghetto: accumulate enough cash and run. But according to this song, the man had other options, which he didn't take. A tragedy all on is own.

The bad news is that this proves my memory isn't as amazing as I thought it was.

The good news is that I've created my own tune. I haz made a music! =D

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